Your First Visit

The Chiropractic doctor will spend approximately one full hour with you in order to determine the precise cause of your problem. During the consultation, a detailed history of your problem will be obtained, and you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered. Next, a thorough examination will be performed including orthopedic and neurological evaluation. Specialized functional testing such as postural analysis, gait analysis, joint & muscle testing may also be utilized to formulate an accurate diagnosis and individual treatment plan. You will then be advised if your condition can be helped by chiropractic, or if it would be more appropriately managed by another health care provider.

Treatment on the First visit will depend upon the specifics of your condition. Most often treatment will include therapeutic procedures to help make you feel more comfortable, often including spinal manipulation. The doctor will also give self-treatment advice, which may include exercises, nutritional supplements, and the application of ice or heat. Read more about services we provide.